True Sidereal readings that focus on growth. On healing. On joy. 

This is the first chart reading experience I’ve had that felt indisputably accurate! I walked away with a deeper understanding of how I function, and how I might reach my goals most effectively!
— Jessie S.

Astrology has survived thousands of years, serving as a language to describe the patterns underlying our day-to-day events - from stubbed toes to chance meetings. But this language can also describe our larger life narratives - from satisfying the need to be recognized, to the difficult work of embracing uncertainty.

I see it as reading the cosmic weather. Do I bring an umbrella along today? 

Using astrology as a mirror of your internal make-up can help in finding direction - creating a tether to yourself. Under whatever confusing circumstances, whether physical, psychic, or spiritual - this tether can help you identify your true desires among the many. 

I can help you figure out the weather, you decide whether or not to bring an umbrella. Maybe a day playing in the rain is exactly what's needed.

I look forward to reading with you!
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