What to expect in a reading? What’s most important to say here is that this is your time. If you know what things you’d like to look at or ask about - take the lead. If you don’t know where to start, I’ll guide you through the chart, from psyche to physicality. Interject at any time. Let me know what is most vital to you, and that’s the direction we’ll go in. Take a look at the offerings below - let me know what appeals to you!

True Sidereal Birth Chart w/ Index


Receive your complete True Sidereal Birth Chart in PDF format with our symbol Index for an understanding of how to begin deciphering and studying your chart.


Birth Chart Reading


This chart shows the placement of planets and stars with respect to the moment and place of your birth. It represents a kind of cosmic blueprint - a map of the influences in play when you came into the world arena. Using this chart we discuss life-path, inherent resources and challenges, recurring narratives, and potentials for growth. If you’ve never seen your True Sidereal chart, it can be a real revelation. As this chart is accurate to the literal sky, know ahead that it may differ slightly from the typical chart design used in Western Astrology. Email me with questions or use the form to the right for more information!

Readings can be done in person in Pittsburgh, or via skype.


Synastry Chart Reading


When two people come together, a new dynamic is created in the form of relationship. How we interact can vary drastically from person to person, depending on how their inherent qualities come in contact with ours. This reading places two Birth Charts in relation to each other, exploring the ways we complement and conflict, and our differing needs and ways of interpreting events. All varieties of relating - romantic partners, family members, business associates - can be navigated and understood through this reading.

These sessions are especially fruitful when both people can be present!


Continuing Readings


Once familiar with the Birth Chart, we look to the landscape. Each year brings new shifts and collective influences that impact your chart in ways unique to you.
These readings are great when you find yourself at a crossroads. Embarking on a large project or endeavor? Facing a decision and seeking a better vantage point before taking action? Together we assess the astrological landscape with respect to your Birth Chart to find the best path forward.


Events and Shows


Bring your ideas and goals for your event, and I’ll adapt a style of reading that complements your vision! It’s a pleasure bringing astrology to people in new and unexpected ways. Let’s plan something awesome.


Reduced Pricing/Need-Based Cost: I’m flexible, and grateful to be doing this, so I’m happy to meet people where they are financially. Let me know how I can help.